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French kisses. Foie gras with a lickered up prune in the middle? Something like that.

Glad it brought back memories, Roz. I went there for lunch a few times too.


Wow! You've really touched a memory here. We loved D'Artagnan the restaurant. We went there quite a few times, including once for my husband's birthday.

The first time we'd ever tasted garbure was at an event at ICE (at that time called Peter Kump) where Ariane brought three "ordinary" women from her home town in France to cook homestyle dishes. For my husband, it was love at first swallow. So, when D'Artagnan opened and he saw garbure on the menu, he was ecstatic. He got such a kick out of finishing the broth with that shot of wine, picking the plate up to slurp it down.

For me, it was all about the foie gras. And then, there were those "French Kisses." We always bought a few on the way out to take home. Ariane would be downstairs insisting on giving us a parting shot of Cognac, which he accepted but I declined because I don't drink. She was such a character. Her huge personality permeated the restaurant.

Right now, I have a package of D'Artagnan's merguez sitting in my frig. And when I occasionally buy their magret, it is the recipe on their website that I use to prepare it.

Thanks, Wilfrid, for the memory!

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