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Roz, we had a very good dinner at Fromagerie, I think back in October or November. Still upscale (footstools for handbags!), but in addition to the regular menu they were making some nice inhouse charcuterie and using the back garden to roast suckling pigs. The menu is not a typical Burke menu, apart from the lollipop tree of course!


Hi Wilfrid,

That Pretzel Crusted Crab dish is also on the menu at Fishtail. We had it when we were there last year. Like you, I expected it would be pretzel bread crumbs or some such. I agree it was quite tasty.

I was surprised to read that you've been to D.B.'s Fromagerie and am curious as to how that happened. You see, our house is in the general vicinity. Opened about 40 years ago as just Fromagerie, it was an upscale French restaurant. Actually, it was the only restaurant of that ilk in the area until ten years ago when Restaurant Nicholas opened in Middletown. It serves contemporary American cuisine with French influences and is considered one of the best restaurants in NJ.

Fromagerie was owned by two brothers, and when they decided to retire a few years ago, Burke -- who grew up in the area -- bought it and changed the cuisine to his own style. We've had dinner there once since he took it over, and I have to say I was rather disappointed. While it's considered Nicholas' competition, imo, it's not anywhere near as excellent. A shame because its setting is really charming.

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